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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How much improvement has been made of Bangladesh cricket?

How much improvement has been made of Bangladesh cricket?

The improvement of Bangladesh's cricket in the last few years is quite noticeable. During this time, the Bangladesh team played their best. But we're gonna be happy. During this time Bangladesh won many series, Bangla Wash, won Test matches, lost big teams etc. They have become more prosperous in our country. They have created a lot of history for us. The countrymen owe them.  We once thought that the situation of this group of ours could happen in the near future. We have used a number of new players in the latest Sri Lanka series, but they are not able to do well. Except for the current team, newcomers but our future. Our pipeline is not producing any good players. We have to create a good player. But this will improve the country's cricket. Existing players will have to attend, and new players must be produced. Our morale has many deficiencies. So we have to work to increase our morale. But that we can improve. Our time is to reach the peak of progress, without looking back and proceeding with an aggressive attitude towards the front. We have to look at the overall direction, not looking at one direction. 

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